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Post Responder

Start responding to CraigsList posts in minutes!

Several Versions Available


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Quick & Easy Deployment

Quick & Easy deploymentAn Easy-to-use interface and fast download time enable PostResponder to be up and running in only fifteen minutes!

One-Time Fee

Track and analyze your emailCompared to other auto-responders, PostResponder is affordable.  There is only a one-time fee to begin using the product, and you can see unlimited results!

Become a Craigslist Master

Manage lists and subscribersMake Craigslist work for you -- save time by automating the Craigslist search and get back to what's really important!

Respond to Hundreds of Listings in Seconds!

Search unlimited numbers of Craigslist feeds and send unlimited emails.

Get a Quote!

[It] helps people build businesses cheaper and more effectively than more “robust”, complex, and expensive enterprise software solutions.

Jason Kottke, blogger (